Spotlight Campaign – Ontario new testing guidelines


In April, the Ontario Guidelines for Providers Offering HIV Testing was published by the OHTN in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Health and other key partners. Leading up to World AIDS Day (December 1), the OHTN has partnered with Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN) and Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) to unpack key aspects of the Guidelines relevant to front-line organizations who are part of the testing referral pathway.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll share posts that explain the Testing Window, the 3Ps of HIV Risk, the difference between Acute and Chronic HIV symptoms, the importance of culturally-responsive testing, and the Status Neutral Approach to testing.

Your staff are critical in supporting access to testing. These materials have been developed for you and your staff to use. You’re invited to share these posts, use them for discussion and education with staff and volunteer teams, and to distribute them through your own social media and other digital platforms.

If you would like original copies of these graphics to share to your networks, please Contact the OHTN

To learn more about Ontario’s updated HIV testing guidelines, visit: