Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN)

The Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN) includes AIDS Service Organizations, HIV-related programs, people living with HIV/AIDS, community members, and broader organizations that have an impact upon the lives of people living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS. The organization emerged out of a planning process in 2007-2008 (Toronto Community Planning Initiative) and was guided by an initial report with priority recommendations and accountability structures. Since its inception, THN’s activities have been guided by the initial TCPI Report, and have been instrumental in supporting many community planning projects, ongoing working groups, and information-sharing processes and projects. In 2015/2016, the THN completed a new strategic plan to guide the organizations work through 2020.

Mission Statement

The Toronto HIV/AIDS Network (THN) facilitates HIV/AIDS planning, collaboration, engagement and innovation to improve access to programs and services for people from diverse communities living with and most affected by HIV/AIDS.

Guiding Values

  • Greater Involvement and Meaningful Engagement of People Living With and Affected by HIV/AIDS (GIPA/MEPA principle)
  • Driven by documented and expressed needs
  • Inclusion
  • Harm reduction
  • Respect and integrity
  • A social justice and anti-oppression approach
  • Integration of services
  • Accountability

Vision: key features of a future HIV/AIDS system

The following were identified as desired features of a future system, set out as goals toward which we will strive:

  • Client-directed services
  • Needs driven
  • Comprehensive and responsive
  • Accessible
  • Culturally competent and grounded in an anti-racist, anti-oppression framework
  • Coordinated and collaborative
  • A focus on ongoing system quality improvement
  • Efficient and effective