Toronto to Zero, a Fast Track Cities Initiative

Re-Imagining Toronto’s Response to HIV

The world is at a tipping point in stopping HIV. We have the knowledge and tools we need to prevent new infections and improve care. More than 250 cities around the world have joined the UNAIDS call to become Fast Track Cities.

Toronto has always had a strong response to HIV … now we have a unique opportunity to re-imagine that response. Given everything that we know, what can Toronto do differently? How can we make new HIV infections rare and ensure people with HIV will lead long healthy lives free from stigma and discrimination?

To stop HIV, we need a focused, coordinated city-wide effort that builds on our existing network of services to stop the virus.



The THN will play a critical role in the Toronto Fast Track Cities Initiative. THN staff and member agencies will provide leadership on the Champion Team, the Coordinating Committee, community engagement efforts, participate on priority Task Groups, and will be key players in implementing action plans.

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