Diversity Project Working Group

The Diversity Project Working Group provides guidance, direction and support on THN diversity-related activities.  The Toronto Community Planning Initiative Report (2007) first identified this critical work in Priority/Recommendation #5 “Enhance The Capacity of HIV/AIDS-Specific Programs And Services To Serve More Diverse Communities Across Toronto.”.

Addressing this Priority/Recommendation has been an ongoing effort through Steering Committee discussions and planning, Member mtg. discussions and feedback, the development and activities of a Working Group and ongoing staff support.  Additionally, Annemarie Shrouder, Building Equitable Environments and Akim Adé Larcher, The Larcher Group, were hired to develop an Action Plan for THN to support its member agencies in serving and reaching diverse communities who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Key highlights in addressing this complex Priority/Recommendation include the completion and ongoing review of an Action Plan, the development of a THN Diversity Statement and supported by Dionne Falconer, the current development of a member agency capacity building Pilot Initiative.