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HIV Hepatitis C Testing

CATIE is partnering with THN to deliver a training course for you and your colleagues on HIV and hepatitis C Testing. Register here.

CATIE’s HIV and Hepatitis C Testing course aims to develop in-depth knowledge of testing technologies, approaches to testing, and how all service providers play an important role in reaching people with HIV and hepatitis C.  Throughout this course, participants learn about the importance of testing for HIV and hepatitis C, what testing technologies exist in Canada, and key considerations to support people throughout the testing process. This course will not teach participants how to test, rather, by exploring different approaches to testing and the barriers that exist, service providers come away with strategies to facilitate testing and linkage to care, treatment, and prevention in their communities and with their clients.


This course is geared towards front-line service providers who work with people who can benefit from HIV and/or hepatitis C testing. Participants should have a basic understanding of HIV and hepatitis C before beginning this course. Front line service providers who are not testers themselves, rather, who have a role in supporting people to be connected to testing, treatment, and linkage to care, would benefit from this course.

Course schedule and registration information
HIV and Hepatitis C Testing will begin on Monday September 12th, 2022.
Register here for the course:

Registration closes at 8am EDT on September 21st.

HIV and Hepatitis C Testing includes four online modules with a variety of learning activities such as eLearning units, readings, discussion board assignments, videos and webinars. You can work through each weekly module at your own pace. An online meeting is held in the fifth week to conclude the course. 


WEEK 1: Introduction to Testing

WEEK 2: HIV Testing and Diagnosis

WEEK 3: Hepatitis C Testing and Diagnosis

WEEK 4: Key components of the HIV and hepatitis C testing process

The course will conclude with an Online Meeting – HIV and Hepatitis C Testing: Implications for front-line service providers

Register below for the online meeting taking place on Thursday October 6th, 2022:


For more information about this course or CATIE’s education program, please contact Shriya Hari, Health Educator, at

For more information about THN’s resources, please contact Brian Dopson, PhD., THN’s Network Project Peer at or 416-506-8606×115.


HIVHCV testing promotional flyer_CATIE_THN

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