THN Updates e-Newsletter Guidelines

 THN Updates is a weekly eNewsletter sent to member organisations, working group members, and other community partners who have indicated they wish to receive them.


THN Updates include information that improves access to programs and services for people from diverse communities living with and most affected by HIV/AIDS and relevant to facilitating HIV/AIDS planning, collaboration, engagement and innovation.

Eligibility for inclusion

  • Relevant
    • Information must contribute to towards the THN mission and the stated purpose of the THN Updates.
  • Accurate
    • Information to be shared must include a live link to the information housed on the submitting organization’s site (rather than sending a pdf). This helps us to ensure distribution of accurate and current information.
  • Timely
    • Generally, items should reflect a recent or upcoming event within a two week period before or after the distribution date.
    • Items promoting activities that repeat or are active and relevant for between 2 weeks and 3 months, will be included for 2 issues of THN Updates.
    • Items that are ongoing (repeating during a period longer than 3 months) will be included for the first 2 issues of THN Updates and then once a month for any remaining period.


Ultimately, eligibility for inclusion is determined by the THN Peer Coordinator in consultation with the THN Director.


Events submitted for inclusion in the THN Updates are also added to the THN website calendar and therefore should include any requirements for registration or criteria for participation.


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